We are Till and Dill, a company run by two sisters from the Netherlands with a passion for art, literature and a spark of fantasy. We started Till and Dill as a way to combine art with our love for books, with the attempt to give every new page an extra drop of color, to make the experience of reading a book even more beautiful. 


Who are we and what do we do? Here is what we have to say about each other.

Lily, also named Till, is our little talented wonder. She is the girl behind (almost) every illustration in our shop. Lily is a real dreamer as you can see from her illustrations. Portraits are her specialty but Demi always forces her to think out of her box and she managed it to do it every single time (sometimes with a tear of sadness) because she is not a big fan of minimalism or realistic designs. (Demi loves them, that's why she is forcing Lily). Lily is an okay reader, she always starts with a lot of confidence but the reading block is ALWAYS around the corner (but she loves Wikia pages because they are always telling the truth and you don't have to read the whole book).



Demi, also named Dill, is the strong head of the social media in Till and Dill. She keeps the company grounded with both feet sturdy on the floor to avoid the company flying away on dreamy clouds, and ensures everything is under control and organized, including finances and orders. She pretty much makes sure the company isn't a mess. Demi is the direct contact with our customers, meaning most of the contact is done with her (unless Lily has to help with her grammar). On a more personal side Demi is compassionate about books and can't have enough, which is evident in her ever growing bookshelves which holds too many books and collectables.  Demi is always supportive to Lily whenever it's needed and pushes her to create something she doesn't like, even if it means creating tears of sadness. 


But how did you get the name of your company?

Till and Dill stands for both of our names, Lily and Demi. In our childhood we had a nephew who couldn't pronounce our names properly. He turned Lily's name into Till and Demi's name into Dill. The family, including us, always adored the nicknames and we decided to keep them close to our hearts. Once we came to the idea to start our company we instantly knew we had to use these special nicknames to express who we are.