Exposure Soft Enamel Pin - White


The soft enamel pin is a collaboration with Sophie from Girls Fight Back. We all work in the creative industry and we come across a lot of people who want our products/services for "exposure". Even though there is nothing wrong with a little bit of exposure, we can't pay our bills with it.

The pin is made with black plated metal and white enamel. It has two clips on the backside, so it's nice and sturdy.

The design is hand-designed with love and created to bring color to your jacket, bag, hat, or collection. Its design represents the roses you can find in our other rose-related products.

Disclaimer: The pin is made of metal. Metal can and will rust if not taken proper care off. Therefore we advise avoiding water contact with the material. We are not responsible for any clothing or furniture damage due to rusting.

Remark: The colors and shape might differ from the pictures, but we try our very best to ensure every single pin is at high quality with the right colors and shape before we send them.

*the second and third picture are made by our manufacture.

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