Valentine Collection


This collection is made with love and passion for books and their stories. The design is hand created and represents dreamy Valentines day and is available as either a set or as separated items.

- BOOKMARK: Valentine bookmark
- POSTCARD: Valentine postcard
- BUTTON: Valentine buttons
- A4 PRINT: Valentine A4 print
- NOTEBOOK/SKETCHBOOK: Valentine notebook or sketchbook
- BOOKMARK + POSTCARD: Valentine bookmark + postcard

Size bookmarks: 20,5 x 6 cm 
Size cards: A6 
The buttons are 38 mm.  
Size notebook/sketchbook: A5 > 90 grams paper > 140 pages 
Size A4 print: A4 > 240 grams paper

Material bookmarks/postcards/A4 print/notebook/sketchbook: Laminated paper print, high quality. 
Material buttons: Metal, plastic, high-quality paper.

Do you want more than one bookmark/postcard/button but not the entire set? We recommend using our mix&match option.

Remark: The colors and shape might differ from the pictures, but we try our very best to ensure every single print is at high quality with the right colors and shape before we send them.

Disclaimer button:  The backside of the buttons are metal. Metal can and will rust if not taken proper care of. Therefore we advise avoiding water contact with the material. We are not responsible for any clothing or furniture damage due to rusting.

Disclaimer A4 print: The frame is not included.

Disclaimer: The “all” option can not be used for the “1 postcard”, “1 bookmark”, "1 button" and “1 bookmark + 1 postcard” selections. The “all” option can only be used for the “all postcards”, “all bookmarks”, "all button" or “the whole set” selections. Incorrect use of this will result in a delay in your delivery or canceling.

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