Mix and Match - Buttons


handmade buttons, made with dedication and love.

These handmade buttons are great to decorate your jacket or bag with, or use it as a decoration piece in your room! It also makes for a perfect small gift for friends and family.

(IMPORTANT!) Look at the pictures to see what your favorite button is called and add this listing to your shopping cart. Add the name(s) of the buttons of your wishing into the note in the shopping cart. Want this listing more than once? Add it multiple times into your shopping cart and add all the names of the buttons of your choice in the note.(IMPORTANT!)

The designs are hand created.

The buttons are 38 mm.

Material: Metal, plastic, high quality paper.

Remark: The colours and print placement might difference from the pictures, after all, they are hand created. However, we try our very best that every single button is at high quality with the right colours and placement.

Disclaimer: The backside of the buttons are metal. Metal can and will rust if not taken proper care off. Therefor we advice to avoid water contact with the material. We are not responsible for any clothing or furniture damage due to rusting.

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