Mix and Match - Postcards


You can make your own set from every single postcard we've made so far. Pick and mix your own set so you'll only get your favorite postcards!

(IMPORTANT!) Look at the pictures to see what your favorite postcard is called and add this mix and match listing to your shopping cart. Add the names of the postcard of your wishing into the note in the shopping cart. Want this listing more than once? Add it multiple times into your shopping cart and add all the names of the postcard of your choice in the note.(IMPORTANT!)

Buy these postcards for yourself or give them away to a friend! Besides useful as postcards, they can be used as great decorations

Size: 20,5 x 6 cm

Material: Laminated paper print, high quality.

Remark: The colors and shape might different from the pictures, but we try our very best that every single print is at high quality with the right colors and shape before we send them.

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